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Forget Cleaning With The Self Cleaning Window Glasses

2016/05/25 // by admin

For many years now, glass manufacturing industry has been producing smart glasses. These glasses use the technology to increase their efficiency. In Blackpool, there are many glass sellers which sell different kinds of smart glasses. There are different types of smart glasses, out of which self cleaning glass is widely popular. Self cleaning glass is a widely popular glass which has the ability to keep its surface clean of the grime and dirt.  This type of glass is a great attraction for the windows, doors and ceilings as it requires less maintenance.

Self cleaning windows are made from glazing windows in Blackpool by coating its surface with titanium oxide. It is the energy efficient glass which helps in preventing the heat loss and entering of the harmful radiations of the sun.

Working of the self cleaning glass

Self cleaning glass is coated with the transparent titanium dioxide, which is helpful in breaking down the dirt particles and spreading the water on its surface. The specialized coating over the glass sheet is hydrophilic as well as photo catalytic. When the dirt starts depositing on the surface of the self cleaning glass, the sun rays break it down and when it rains, the water washes away the layer of the dust particles from the surface. Since, the hydrophilic coating is applied over the surface so water layer is formed over the surface of the glass which automatically gets rinsed off instead of leaving the marks of water droplets.

No more cleaning of the windows

It is really a hassle to find the window cleaners who are proficient in their work and work like the professionals. Self cleaning glass is the right solution for those who find it really difficult to clean the window glasses. It helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness in the house in addition to the improved aesthetics.

Advantages of the self cleaning glass

The main advantage of self cleaning glass is that house owners save their time and money on cleaning of the glass windows, doors and ceilings. It also avoids the accidents which happen while cleaning the windows at great heights.

Disadvantage of the self cleaning glass

The disadvantage of the self cleaning window glass is that it is expensive than the conventional glass. The cleaning process is also slow but continuous. This type of glass is able to clean dust and dirt from the glass surface but unable to decompose the non transparent deposits like paint, fingerprints and bleeding. After its installation, little bit time is consumed to activate the cleaning process as the time is required for the absorption of sunlight to initiate it’s working.

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