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How Much Time Do You Need to Build a House?

2017/02/01 // by admin

Information published on the Census Bureau (2015 Survey on Construction) website indicates that a single-family home takes an average of seven months to complete. However, it is also important to note that other factors may influence the completion of the project. Besides, custom homes often take a longer time to complete. Certain factors that could affect the speed of your homebuilding project include the land and area of construction and the complexity of the floor plan.

Even with reliable homebuilders by your side, the following factors may influence the speed of the construction.

Pre-construction requirements

Before you engage a builder, you need to prepare the lot on which your home will stand. Preparation may involve, among other things, clearing trees, removing rocks, leveling the ground, and even performing rough grading. Completing these activities depends on the amount of work involved. For example, delays are possible during pre-construction stage.

In addition, it is a policy to acquire relevant building permits and to arrange for inspections before the real construction work begins. Such regulations vary from one location to another and this may delay the construction process.

Environmental issues

The region in which you build your home can affect the speed of the construction. For example, constructing a house in an urban area may take fewer months than doing the same house in a rural setup. It is important to consult a reliable builder in a particular area before the project begins. For example, if you plan to build a house in Blackpool area, it is advisable to consult reliable Builders Blackpool area has to offer.

Labor and supplies

Most people often build their homes in summer, making it the busiest time for companies. When everyone is doing the same thing, there is likely to be a shortage of labor from experts such as plumbers, electricians, fitters, and subcontractors. This may delay a construction project as the owner waits for labor to be available.

Change of plan

Change of plan may halt or delay a project. For example, if you change your mind about the finish, there could be a delay in your project. Some components also require time to install such as cabinets. If you delay in the selection and just order the cabinets at a time when they should be installed, the project will experience a delay. That is why it is important to maintain open communication between you and your builder.

Construction style

Finally, yet on a very important note, your preferred home style will influence the construction timeline. A custom home will take ten to sixteen months to complete. On the other hand, popular floor plans by production companies are likely to take fewer days because they have done them repeatedly.

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